Women’s Sexuality Workshop

Women’s Sexuality Workshop

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A 2.5 hour sacred sexuality workshop, deep diving into the shame + conditioning which holds us back from experiencing our full pleasure potential, tantric conscious sex practices and chatting all things orgasms, feminine embodiment and deep connection.

As women, we have an infinite source of pleasure within us. But sometimes it is hidden underneath layers of shame, conditioning and pain.

Pleasure is our birthright. When we live life with this knowledge, and when we overflow with orgasmic bliss we can take on anything. This workshop leads you through the journey of rediscovering this part of you

The space and energy was so overwhelmingly beautiful, and I left feeling so empowered and enlightened. I cannot recommend this enough! Treat yourself and your yoni and check this lady out!


In this workshop we will be embodying and discussing:

• What is the conditioning and shame we hold around our sexuality

• A brief understanding of the world of tantra. What it is, and how you can implement it into your life

• Tantric and taoist practices to increase your orgasmic potential (breathwork, energy work, Intention, yoni anatomy and de-armouring).

• Group shares, vulnerability practices, and sisterhood

Thank you Ceri for holding this open, safe beautiful and nurturing space for us to talk and explore our sacred sexual selves


Ceri is doing much needed work to empower women to connect back in with their sacral energy and sexual potential.


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