Wake Up and Shake Up • Morning Ecstatic Dance

A dance party before work? YES PLEASE!!

This event is for those of you who want to set your day of on the right foot…Come have a boogie along to some epic tunes, Free Greenroots Juice, and a chat with your community!

This is an embodied ecstatic dance event, facilitated by Ceri (Soularliving), who runs regular dances in chch. DJ’ed by (coming soon) and Free Juice from greenroots juicery!

More details:

Join us for a morning of release, freedom & connection.


We are a heart-centered group who gather to reclaim the joy and release of dancing in a non-judgmental space.

About Ecstatic Dance:

The recipe is simple: No booze, no shoes, great music and an epic tribe come together to dance.

Don’t worry about steps or form or how you look, it’s not that kind of dance.

Our dance is one that throws the rule books away and instead encourages you to release to the music and let go of that pesky judging mind.

Transcending language, cultural and personal barriers, Ecstatic Dance enables millions to connect through dance and music all over the world.

Ecstatic Dance helps us break down the layers of self and come together as a tribe the way our ancestors have always done until very recently. By getting in touch with our roots and our bodies we are able to unlock the deep knowledge of the body and the heart and start to release control of the thinking mind.

When we step on the dance floor, we include our whole selves, even the frightened parts that want to hide. We dance through pain and sorrow. We dance with joy until our hard edges soften and our masks fall away.

We meet other courageous dancers, weaving unbreakable threads of connection. our friendships transcend the boundaries of time and space. and it all melts together–beat, movement, breath–into a swirling vortex we call community.

As the throbbing pulse of the dance floor matches our own heartbeat, we know, without a doubt, we are not alone.



4th Nov • 6-7:45am • $30 • The Exchange Christchurch (XCHC)

Bring: Loose dancing clothes, drink bottle


More about the Facilitators:

(DJ coming soon)

Ceri is a 200hr vinyasa trained Yoga teacher and 200hr trained in eco-somatic Yoga and is an embodied ecstatic dance facilitator, who runs a 5 Rhythm inspired dance class in Christchurch. She also hosts in-person workshops and retreats specialising in feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality.

Kind words for Ceri’s Ecstatic Dance:

“Ceri’s embodied ecstatic dances are amazing. She is holding a safe container where I’ve been able to drop a lot of my limiting beliefs regarding my body and dance. I’m feeling much more confident in my body and the way it moves. Each session is with a different theme that makes you dive deep into different facets of ourself and go to heal some of them. I love it so much and cannot recommend it highly enough”

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