Own Your Pleasure • Sexuality Workshop

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A two hour deep dive into female sexuality.

In this workshop we will sink further into the teachings of pleasure, desire, relationship alchemy and all the taboo subjects that aren’t talked about enough! If you’re looking for a place to open up, share, and listen to all the juicy topics in regards to sexuality, then this is the workshop to go to!

This will be the ‘girl-chat’ that you need in your life. Best believe that it will juicy as hell…This will be a super chill, exciting and fun workshop to get to know other woman, talk about all those dirty thangs, and release the shame that some of us feel around our pleasure!

P.S. Sexuality workshop 1.0 isn’t a requirement to go to first. This workshop can be a lead on from or too workshop 1.0.

What this workshop contains:

• Talks around your vaginal anatomy and how that leads to pleasure. Learn about the clitoris, G-spot, ‘P-spot’, and cervix (The different types of orgasms).

• Why you may be pre-orgamsic (unable to orgasm, and how to take the steps to change that)

• The different causes of Vaginal pain/numbness during sex and self-pleasure. How to turn pain to pleasure

• Creating a sacred pleasure ritual. Full body massage, breast massage, yoni massage.

• Relationship alchemy – How to create healthy conversations around desires and boundaries. Incorporating toys, kink, and deeper connection.

And so much more!

This is a open invitation to all humans that identify as a woman.

This will be the ‘girl-chat’ that you need in your life. Best believe that it will juicy as hell…

*Max 20 People

Contact me if you have any questions, or need me in any way!