Vegan Nachos

Healthy Vegan nachos, with sweet potato, avocado and red kidney beans. Non-processed, healthy Nachos as snack or dinner to make you feel great!

Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

I went to an inspirational talk the other day, given by a Buddhist monk with the subject being ‘How to deal with stress’. When I was listening to this, I just knew I had to share, as I know so many people who could defiantly benefit from this. I’ve summed up all the important points…

My Morning Routine

I share the 6 steps I take every morning to kick-start my day, so that you can follow along and have the best day anyone can have.

Energy Balls

Vegan energy balls, guilt-free snack to get you through the day.
Perfect for lunch boxes, or a energy booster before or after the gym!

Superfood burcha

Who knew that chucking random goodies into a jar could taste so good? This recipe came to me as I was in a rush to make a snack for my full day of study, so I chucked a few things In a jar and bam, literally the best thing ever. Gooey, sweet, but also a…

Banana & Choc Smoothie

If you love that flavour of banana and chocolate mixed together for a melt-in-your-mouth fest, then you have come to the right place. Check out my favourite go-to breakfast smoothie.  I have just discovered this mix for my morning smoothie, and not only does it taste like heaven, its 2pm right now, and I’m still…

Lentil & Silverbeet Soup

Whenever I’m stuck on something to eat when I’m home all day and I have abit of time to spare I always seem to be drawn to making this soup. Maybe because its so satisifying to make and leaves me feeling full for agggeeess! So that means I won’t snack continuously throughout the day, which…

How To Manifest

Ever been thinking about someone or something, and then they/it, will show up in the that next minute or day? And it happens all the time right!? It leaves you thinking, ‘woah maybe it was my thoughts that bought them up’, or my favourite, ‘OMG maybe I can tell the future!’-literally me 24/7. But the…