Sovereign : The Art Of Facilitation

Join me on a 12 week mentorship experience, into the Art of Facilitation.

This program is for the teachers, facilitators, coaches and healers (or those that desire to be) who wish to hold deep, safe and transformational spaces.

This is a mentorship, on the art of facilitation, that teaches you different (and powerful) ways to step away from your limiting beliefs, get out of your own way and show up powerfully, so that you can lead your clients to where they need to go. You’ll learn how to liberate your voice, take up space energetically and physically and teach from a place of authenticity and heart.

For those that desire to have more confidence in their offerings, their classes, who want to own their life, and take up greater space, and to lead from the divine within, instead of lack. 

This mentorship if for those who desire to be in this space of powerful facilitation and space holding. For the teachers who desire to lead their students on transformational journeys, for the healers who wish to transport their clients into deeper realms, for the coaches and leaders who wish to believe in themselves and take their clients to the next level. Taking their practice to the next level.

This course is here to help you get out of your own way so that you can serve others to the highest degree. To take your clients to deeper layers of themselves in safe, supportive and sacred ways.


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What to expect

This course has a strong focus on somatics and embodiment. As everything happens and changes when we learn how to move it all through the body. So not only will you be learning practical steps to arrive into your Sovereign leadership, we will be experiencing it fully within the body too.

We will share 60 minutes together every fortnight to dive deep into the body. Because it speaks to you, it’ll show you the way you need to go. This will be the most potent sessions throughout the whole training. This is where the change happens. 

On the alternate weeks, we will be coming together as a group for 90 minute sessions on all the topics within this training.

You’ll also receive access to a private group to share, support and ask

On-going personal love and support from Ceri throughout the 12 weeks (plus integration afterwards).

Week By Week Themes

Week 1 & 2 • Sovereign leadership and embodiment

Week 3 & 4 • Stop apologising & Take back your power

Week 5 & 6 • Authentic & Liberated Voice

Week 7 & 8 • Take Up Space. Energetically & Physically

Week 9 & 10 • The Energetics Of Holding Sacred Space

Week 11 & 12 • The Art Of Facilitation

Do you desire to lead from a place of love, sovereignty, and confidence, rather than fear, lack and grasping? 


The investment for this 12 Week Mentorship is $999 (until 1st april, price increase to $1,111) Either pay up front, or Payment plans are optional (starting at $80 a week, send me a message or email if this is what you would like to do)- If money is an issue, send me an email at and we can chat.

If you feel the call to join this mentorship, please fill out this application form to make sure this program is right for you and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Pay in full (Click Here)

Pay Monthly with payment plan (Click here)

The 12 week Journey:

12 Weeks

6 Mentorship Sessions (90 mins long)

6 Somatic Explorations (60 mins long)

Weekly Live Group Sessions through Zoom (Recorded)

Access to a private group to share, support and ask

On-going personal love and support from Ceri throughout the 12 weeks (plus integration afterwards).

Program Begins 11th April. $999 early bird till April 1st (Will increase to $1,111). Optional Payment Plans (from $80 a week)

This course is open to all genders. You DO NOT need to be in the facilitators realm to do this course. It for all that feel the call to show up powerfully and authentically in their life.


Because the world needs your magic. If you know that teaching, and being in a leadership role is your dharma, then you would be doing a disservice to those around you, if you didn’t fully trust in yourself and the divine. By helping ourselves, we help others. And that doesn’t mean we are ‘above’ them, or we put ourselves on a pedestal, it’s knowing that we’re all connected and seeing the power in yourself, therefore seeing and bringing out the power in others.

I desire you to be full of yourself (not in the ego and cocky way, but remembering your divine and natural fullness), I desire you to be heard, to take up space in your body, to hold beautiful and sacred space in just being you and seeing the power in those you serve. 

This program will remind you that it’s not about you. When you learn to let yourself go, there is a possibility of teaching with the divine as your guide.


Pay in full (Click Here)

Pay Monthly with payment plan (Click here)

Wow… Just wow! Ceri has a beautiful way of articulating and sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has, and allowing space for all to be heard and acknowledged. The space created allowed me to fully express a range of stored emotion in a safe way and to truly embody my feminine energy. I learnt and experienced so much in one session and feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Ceri in this existence. If anyone is sitting on the fence with these offerings I highly recommend taking that step and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. What an experience!

Summer Lloyd

Week By Week Breakdown

Ceri is a 200hr trained Vinyasa and Yin based Yoga teacher, 200 hour trained eco-somatic yoga teacher and 100hr embodied ecstatic dance facilitator, who runs a 5 Rhythm inspired dance class in Christchurch.

A trained feminine embodiment, sex and pleasure coach, and level 1 Reiki practitioner

She has facilitated 2000+ classes of yoga and dance, and hosted numerous workshops and retreats.

She has also completed over 800 hours of training in the art of facilitation, yoga teaching, in embodiment, somatics, energetics & leadership (lots of this is inspired by the lineages of embodied flow and theta healing).

If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.