Somatic Experiences

Embodied Ecstatic dance

A 90 minute dance experience…explore the different shapes and textures your physical, emotional and energetic body can make. Guided through the journey with music to take you to the next level of self.

A mixture of ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms and embodied flow. Through free movement we can transform and transmute what is holding us back…the deep layers that we store around our bodies; it’s time to peel it back.

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Discover The Soma

This 8 week program allows you to dive all the way. To be held for 8 weeks through this discovery of self. Of how the mind connects to the body, how the body connects to self, to others and to the rest of the world. Learning who YOU are, how you show up, and you walk through life.

A weaving of eco-somatic yoga, free movement and self inquiry (through journaling, meditation, and group exercises)

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Wild woman workshop

A three hour deep dive into the wild feminine soul. In this workshop we will be embodying our feminine spirit, and discovering what that means for us. We aren’t learning ‘how to be a woman’, but rediscovering the feminine spirit that we all contain, and bringing it back into the light. 

Through 90 minute of workshop style chats, and 90 minute exploration of self through ecstatic dance

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