I have many things that I love doing,  but my passion is nutrition. Specifically helping people achieve all their dietary goals.

But I don’t mean, losing weight or looking good, i care about helping people feel good, mentally and physically. Which I truly believe stems from what we put into our bodies. I also know that most people want to feel good, and eat well but they do not know where to start. There is so many differing opinions out there, that it confuses so many people to the point where they don’t even take a step towards eating better because it is all just too much. I know for a fact that

For me it all just comes down to helping people be the best versions of themselves, and help people to eat more consciously, intuitively, with love and just all round reduce processed food and increase whole foods! I just want to bring awareness to how great it feel to fuel your body with nutritious, healthy, whole foods and how to do that.

This will be through: (Click on links for more information)


Specialised meal plans

Online coaching

Taking you grocery shopping (how to create a healthy grocery list and how to buy the best options for you)

Cooking classes