INTIMACY: Journey Into Oneself (Group Coaching)

Intimacy: Journey Into Oneself

10 Week Journey Into Intimacy

Hello you BEAUTIFUL woman,

I am absolutely buzzing to be able to share this creation finally with the world, and that you are interested in taking part.

I know that you are here because this is calling to your soul in some way, so I want you to really honour you for that.

This program is based around the question of:

“How are we supposed to be intimate with others, if we cannot be intimate with ourselves?”

This 10 week journey, is a group coaching program for woman who want to indulge and learn more about who they really are. We are going to go DEEP. We dive into what is true intimacy to oneself; shining light on our shadow self, the parts we have hidden from ourselves and others for far to long; how to have loving and open communication; expressing your wants and needs, sexuality (journeying into shame and how that effects you now, and also how to cultivate more pleasure practices and sacred femininity into your life); tantra; embodiment and ohhh so much more.

Sounds juicy right?

I promise you, it’s going to be.

I will hold the space/container for you to open up to yourself, for all the woman in the group to be authentically themselves.

Click below to have a read through the course outline, what will be included in the 10 weeks, and what we will be covering

I got really excited one day thinking of this program and tried to write down what I want everyone to get out of this course. So I went a little wild and wrote down all the things that i know you will receive from this journey…

So much self awareness, bomb conscious relationship, an amazing sex life, more embodied practices, a joy and zest for life, understanding of those shitty emotions that keep boiling to the surface, more pleasure, greater sense of direction, intimacy to the shadows, and intimacy with others. Greater trust for life, greater trust in people, more excitement for life. Communication skills. Releasing shame around sexuality, journeying into the world of tantra and what it’s all about, a beautiful way of life and spirituality, understanding of energy and how that effects you and the people around you. More creativity and spark, an expansive mind, learn how to dance and be yourself, to be seen. To speak what’s true for you rather than holding yourself back.

If this is calling to you and your resonating with this course, then first read the course outline, and then fill out the application form. You will then receive an email from me (check junk), asking you to schedule in a call with me so we can see if this course will fit with what you are searching for.

This 10 week journey begins June 1st.

Much love xx

“My favourite thing was how you made me feel safe!! You are the only person I have ever opened up to about everything in my life and you didn’t judge you just listened and I appreciate that so much!!”


“My gosh has she been the best thing that has ever happened to me. She made me feel so comfortable right from the get go, it felt like I had known her for years. She taught me so many skills that will always be useful. She cried with me, she laughed with me.”

Much Love x