Guides, Worksheets and PDF’S

Below are all my FAVOURITE worksheets that I just know you will benefit from. I created them with love, and with so my intention to help you achieve all you ever wish to achieve. This can be physically with your bodies health, it can be mentally through meditation and journaling prompts, and creating self-love practices that really work for you. Read more about each one, drop your email at the bottom with the names of the worksheets/pdf’s, that you wish to receive! Much Love x

SHORT TERM GOAL SETTING: This workbook is all about setting goals. I explain the importance of doing this, how to set them up and then achieve then. There is also a template for your goals that week, and then day by day steps to get you to the overall weekly goals!

THE PERFECT LIFE: This one is all about manifesting your dream life. Getting super clear on what your perfect life, week and day looks like. And creating steps to get there. Making it happen!

LIMITING BELIEFS: A template to help you let go and re-write the limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. We all have those stories that we continuously say to ourselves. That may not be true… We bring them up, write them down and then re-write them.

TWO WEEK JOURNAL: This gives you two weeks worth of journey promoting questions. Every morning, get your journal out, and answer the question that is given to you that day. This one is super powerful

HEALTH: This ones big. A guide for you to look into and see where you are in your health journey and then creating steps to where you want to be. We don’t just look at your health in a physical aspect. But also emotionally, mentally, lifestyle, relationships, career and spirituality.

SELF-CARE: A questionnaire to refer back to everyday. Asking yourself if you have done enough for yourself today!

PERSONAL PLANNER: A diary to keep you on track to your goals for the day. Productivity is key, so learning how to prioritize the most important to least important and also scheduling in your self-care and passion projects in there to! You definitely want to get your hands on this one!

If you find these useful, or need some more guidance to get those habits, goals and self-care In check- Then lets work together! Schedule a free coaching session with me today HERE, or find out more HERE! Step into your light x