Feminine Embodiment Workshop

The Wild Feminine Soul Workshop || 9th April 2021

Early Bird Ticket (Price Increase after March 10th – $60)


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A two hour deep dive into the wild feminine soul. In this workshop we will be embodying our feminine spirit, and discovering what that means for us. We aren’t learning ‘how to be a woman’, but rediscovering the feminine spirit that we all contain, and bringing it back into the light. 

What this workshop contains:

1 hour discussion on – Tapping into your feminine soul (allowing the sensual nature of you to come out, connecting with your cycle, finding flow, balancing the masculine and feminine, womb meditation, and more)

1 hour of dance – Integrating what we have gained knowledge on, and then a guided embodied ecstatic dance to deepen the understanding of how you show up as a woman. Letting yourself out of your cage, being the wild soul that you are and finding your sensual and sexual flow. 

For Too Long…

We’ve been told that we are too much, too emotional, that we change our minds too often, that we take everything to heart and that we are way too sensitive.

But the thing is; the feminine is wild. This feminine part of us is ruled by the heart and womb. So she’s emotional as hell; and needs to be (and allowed to be).

When you allow this part of you to come forth, your intuition strengthens, creativity sparks and you feel connected to everything and everyone.

Let the true nature and wild power of you to be expressed, cause there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Howl at the moon, sink your hands into mama nature, change your mind 5000 times, get angry, find your flow, connect with your cycle and really begin to explore this pleasurable and sensual part of you. Dive in cause there is so much waiting for you on the other side. 

This is a open invitation to all humans that identify as a woman.

April 9th • 6-8pm • Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Christchurch

Early Bird Ticket (Price Increase after March 10th – $60)


*Max 15 People

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