Embody The Feminine : 6 Week Soma Course

Join me on a 6 week journey into the pleasure, bliss, rawness, sacredness and power of the feminine.

This in-person course was created to access the wisdom of the feminine within us all. Whether you are in a non-female body or not, we all have this energy within.

This course is about learning how to thrive, and how to live fully in your feminine wisdom.

Learn how to easily tap into the intuitive, wise, soft, raw, primal, subtle, creative, strong and sensual energy of her.

And more importantly, rather than just learning or hearing about her, this course actually EMBODIES her.

What to expect : Archetype work

An archetype is defined as energy that is within but may be lying in our unconscious minds. So in each class we call forth each energetic archetype, so that we can get to know her. We will move, play, and embody her. So she is alive and conscious.

This journey will be focused on the different archetypes of the feminine, each week we explore something new (for example: The Mother, The Mistress, The Wild Woman). Each one holds an energy, and lessons that go along with it.

She is multifaceted. She has so many different faces and layers. And we must learn her fully.

Not just the light, but diving into the dark depths too. Not just the sensual and primal nature of her, but also the playful and naive.

She is within us. We just forget sometimes that she is internal, not just external. So through our practice and through this course, we learn to see and listen to her within. See the reflection clearing in your own being.

And we can also identify with the parts of her that are aligned with us. Take what we like and leave the rest.

Week By Week Themes

Week 1 • The Maiden: Connect to the playful, soft and gentle aspects of the fem

Week 2 • The Mother: Mother yourself back into alignment

Week 3 • The Mistress: Seductress, sensual, womb energy

Week 4 • The Holy Whore: Hot Holy Human. Reclaim your sex

Week 5 • The Wild Woman: She’s wild, and doesn’t hold back. Embody the shadow

Week 6 • The Madonna: The spiritual, wise, intuitive. She’s everything. Transformation

You’ll be uncomfortable sometimes. You may be pushed to see your edges. But let’s show up. It’s time.


The investment for this 6 Week Journey is $280 Or $310 for the course + a somatic coaching call with me. Either pay up front below, or Payment plans are optional – If money is an issue, send me an email at blytheceri@gmail.com and we can chat.



Ceri is doing much needed work to empower women to connect back in with their sacral energy and sexual potential.


The 6 week Journey:

• 1 class per week : 90 minutes long

• WHEN : 22nd February – 29th March

• Tuesday nights : 6-7:30pm

• Held in-person at ‘The Bridge’, South New Brighton

• A different theme each week : Based off the archetypes of the feminine

• Classes will include: Somatic yoga, ecstatic dance/free movement, journaling, sharing circles (inspired by ‘the work that reconnects’), discussions on the theme

• Takeaway integration work throughout the week

This course is open to everybody, I will be not discriminating towards any age, gender, race or medical situation. If you have any questions/concerns regarding this, please get in contact with me.

I will be following all the guidelines that the govt has set out, to ensure everyone is safe. Vaccine passes are not mandatory, as this is an ‘event’ that requires sign-ups beforehand. 1m distancing will be in place. Class sizes are limited to 15 people, so we can still participate at any traffic light system.

What does embodiment mean?

It means that you walk, talk, and move through life with what you have felt in your body. Rather than what you have read in a book, or heard someone speaking of, you have felt it fully within your own body, therefore you’re able to walk through life in an embodied way.

Yes it’s good to have read about the intuitive and cyclical nature of the fem, or the pure bliss it is to be in your pleasure body. But to actually feel it, move through it and then channel that and integrate it into your life, is something else. Much needed.

Throughout the 6 weeks together, we dive dep. We learn, we grow, we share, and we embody together. What a beautiful journey to be on.

Wow… Just wow! Ceri has a beautiful way of articulating and sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has, and allowing space for all to be heard and acknowledged. The space created allowed me to fully express a range of stored emotion in a safe way and to truly embody my feminine energy. I learnt and experienced so much in one session and feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Ceri in this existence. If anyone is sitting on the fence with these offerings I highly recommend taking that step and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. What an experience!

Summer Lloyd

What you will receive:

• Your very own Goddess Journal with specific handouts each week that relate to the theme of the class

• Takeaway integration homework – Embodiment practices that will be shared on a facebook group

• 1hr, 1-on-1 somatic coaching call with me (additional cost)

• 6 Somatic in-person classes

What style I teach:

In this course I will be weaving my style of yoga (somatic), with my understanding of free movement. This means that it’s very body based focus, in each class we will go deep. Sinking into the flow state through repetition, and free movement. Which allows you to find sovereignty in your practice and further into your life. Adding in the layers of meditation, journaling, active listening and sharing, coaching and archetype work. A sweet pot of all the practices that I have learnt and will share with you. Giving you the space to embody what is within.


The investment for this 6 Week Journey is $280. Or $310 for the course + a somatic coaching call with me Either pay up front below, or Payment plans are optional – If money is an issue, send me an email at blytheceri@gmail.com and we can chat.





Ceri is a 200hr trained Vinyasa and Yin based Yoga teacher, 200 hour trained eco-somatic yoga teacher and 100hr embodied ecstatic dance facilitator, who runs a 5 Rhythm inspired dance class in Christchurch.

A trained feminine embodiment, sex and pleasure coach, and level 1 Reiki practitioner

She has also hosted numerous in-person workshops and retreats specialising in feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality.

Completing over 300 hours of training and self inquiry over the last 6 months, and I am soooo excited to be sharing this magic with the community!

If you have any questions or if you can’t make this term and would like to be contacted when the next intake will be, then fill in your deets below, I would love to hear from you