Embodied Ecstatic Dance

A 90 minute dance experience…explore the different shapes and textures your physical, emotional and energetic body can make. Guided through the journey with music to take you to the next level of self.

A mixture of ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms and embodied flow. Through free movement we can transform and transmute what is holding us back…the deep layers that we store around our bodies; it’s time to peel it back.

Ceri is a trained embodied ecstatic dance facilitator and eco-somatic yoga teacher, there to hold space and guide the dance.


It increases your interoceptive fluency…Which essentially means, dance helps to build an understanding of yourself and body and how it speaks to you. It helps with being able to tune in with the various biological responses of the body and learning to listen to it – how it feels, how it reacts and the reasons why

This type of dance guides the self (you) towards a deeper understanding of your body. In each dance we break down a different bodily system (such as, heart, lungs, bones, skin etc), and *embody that specific system.

It creates a deeper relationship to self, and how all parts of you are interconnected. The weaving of all parts to make the whole

Embodied dance guides you towards seeing your sovereignty. Learning to trust yourself, and knowing that all you need is already within.

Freedom to express, create, sound, grow, and be exactly as you are meant to. Dance teaches you to explore this vessel and gives full permission to be you

*Embodiment means – To have an in-body experience, to feel something completely in the body, rather than understanding it in the mind.

Held every Sunday fortnight at Mt pleasant community centre in the Hall studio.

From 5:30pm-7pm

Book into the date you wish to come:

Sunday 17th Oct


Sunday 31st Oct


*You will not receive a confirmation email: But check your inbox (and junk) a few days before the dance.

Max 15 people, so please make sure you reserve your spot through paying above

$15 per dance