Discover The Soma || 8 Week Yoga Course

Join me on a 8 week journey into the sweetness that is this very body

Soma = Body

I want to create experiences, where someone feels as though they shifted something, they discovered, felt or saw something in themselves that wasn’t there before (but was there all along). This is a journey that goes far deeper than coming to a yoga class, doing a few poses and then going about your day.

This in-person 8 week program allows you to dive all the way. To be held for 8 weeks through this discovery of self. Of how the mind connects to the body, how the body connects to self, to others and to the rest of the world. Learning who YOU are, how you show up, and you walk through life.


Thursday’s 6pm-7:30pm

24th February – 14th April

Held in-person at ‘The Bridge’ South New Brighton

1x weekly, 90 minute session

$200 for the whole term

Feb Soma Course


If money is an issue – Contact me on and we can have a chat.

This course is open to everybody, I will be not discriminating towards any age, gender, race or medical situation. If you have any questions/concerns regarding this, please get in contact with me.

I will be following all the guidelines that the govt has set out, to ensure everyone is safe. Vaccine passes are not mandatory, as this is an ‘event’ that requires sign-ups beforehand. 1m distancing will be in place. Class sizes are limited to 15 people, so we can still participate at any traffic light system.

The style that I teach is a weaving between free movement and ‘Eco-somatic yoga’ – This is a body-based flow, where we feel, sense or imagine different bodily systems (e.g lungs, heart, bones, blood, skin), in each class – using the traditional yoga poses that you would see in any type of yoga – This allows us to create an understanding and be present with what is happening inside of us. And potentially guide us to seeing how all parts of us are fully in communication and interconnection.

In each class there is a lot of repetition and (sometimes) time for free movement, which potentiates the flow state (yum) and it also allows trust and sovereign choice to form within yourself. YOU get to create your experience, you get to to tap in and ask what feels right for YOU, rather than me forcing an experience. 

What To Expect

Throughout the full 8 weeks there will be a thread of a body-based theme that we will explore but every 90 minute class is completely new and inspiring.

For the first 15 minutes we will have a somatic inquiry, where there will be individual and partner work to explore the theme we will be coming to understand and through partner work we get a deeper understanding as well as connection time too.

There will be an hour long yoga class, with the potential of free movement

The last 15 minutes will be filled with either journal questions, meditation or group discussion to sink even further into your own embodied experience.

And more!


There is no part of me that wants to control or name the experience you may have. But there is a large possibility of:

Feeling deeply connected to yourself, others and everything around you.

Begin to explore unexpressed emotions and have deeper emotional fluency

Have profound appreciation for this vessel that you live in

Increased creativity, pleasure of moving, connection to self and sooo much more


The investment into this 8 week journey is $200. Either pay up front, or payment plans are optional! If money is an issue, send me an email on and we can have a chat.

Feb Soma Course


Ceri is a 200hr trained Vinyasa and Yin based Yoga teacher, 200 hour trained eco-somatic yoga teacher and embodied ecstatic dance facilitator, who runs a 5 Rhythm inspired dance class in Christchurch.

A trained feminine embodiment, sex and pleasure coach, and level 1 Reiki practitioner

She has also hosted numerous in-person workshops and retreats specialising in feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality.

Completing over 300 hours of training and self inquiry over the last 6 months, and I am soooo excited to be sharing this magic with the community!

If you have any questions or if you can’t make this term and would like to be contacted when the next intake will be, then fill in your deets below, I would love to hear from you