Creamy Vegan Cheese

I know from experience that cheese was the hardest thing to give up when turning vegan, and I know that this is also the case for pretty much everyone else. It makes me feel better after finding out that cheese is pretty much as addictive as cocaine, which does make me wonder what they put…

My Morning Routine

I share the 6 steps I take every morning to kick-start my day, so that you can follow along and have the best day anyone can have.

Superfood burcha

Who knew that chucking random goodies into a jar could taste so good? This recipe came to me as I was in a rush to make a snack for my full day of study, so I chucked a few things In a jar and bam, literally the best thing ever. Gooey, sweet, but also a…

Banana & Choc Smoothie

If you love that flavour of banana and chocolate mixed together for a melt-in-your-mouth fest, then you have come to the right place. Check out my favourite go-to breakfast smoothie.  I have just discovered this mix for my morning smoothie, and not only does it taste like heaven, its 2pm right now, and I’m still…

How To Manifest

Ever been thinking about someone or something, and then they/it, will show up in the that next minute or day? And it happens all the time right!? It leaves you thinking, ‘woah maybe it was my thoughts that bought them up’, or my favourite, ‘OMG maybe I can tell the future!’-literally me 24/7. But the…

Buddha Bowl

If you are looking for a salad that isn’t your typical, lettuce, onion & tomato, and If you find it difficult to add in your 5+ a day of fruits and veggies, you are at the right place. This is my typical go-to lunch option, cause it tastes AMAZING, its quick to make and I just…

Chia Seed Pudding

CHIA SEED PUDDING; For those of you who want a healthy (and quick!) alternative to a sweet breakfast. I only recently found this recipe by a post on Instagram that got my mouth watering, and I knew I had to make it. The only thing was… that it just wasn’t as good as it looked….

My Asia Adventure

The top places I got to experience on my trip to south-east Asia, and what I learnt on the way.

Tips To Starting Your Own Meditation Practice

My top tips to creating a loving and calming at home meditation practice. Debunking all of the common misconceptions about what meditation should be, and giving you easy step by steps to start and love this beautiful practice.

About Me

Holistic health and lifestyle coach, situated in Christchurch New Zealand. Helping you to flourish into the best version of yourself

Back To Wellness Retreat, April 2020

Yoga and wellbeing retreat held in Queenstown, New Zealand. A weekend away for YOU and your health. Making lifelong changes to feel the best that you can!

Buddha bowls

The best buddha bowl you can get. Completely vegan/plant-based, to really fuel your body with goodness so that we can thrive. Easy to make, but so delicious.

How To Create And Stick To Your Goals

How to create successful habits. Only 8% of people stick with their New Years resolutions, because we don’t know how to Make our habits stick. This is a step by step guide to do so.

3 Pranayama’s To Relieve Stress

3 breathing exercises that will help to release tension, stress, and anxiety. It will help clear and calm the mind. Pranayama and yoga exercises.

Black Bean Burger

This meal is always included in my weekly meal plan, because it’s the shit. To tell you the truth, it is actually my boyfriends speciality and he has finally shared the secret recipe with me, which I truly appreciate because now I get to share this magic with everyone else. Fully vegan and it’s so…

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Whenever someone asks me for my best vegan recipe or tell me that vegans only eat grass, I give them this recipe. Because it tastes amazing, its so easy to make and it’s literally my go-to every morning. It’s also full with some essential nutrients to start off your day right! Especially if you add…