The What, Who, How And Why Of Getting A Life Coach

So why should I get a life coach?!

You’ve seen people on Instagram all the time talking about their coach, or their coaching business, and your wondering why? Who should get a coach? What do coaches actually do?

I get it! I was the same. But I’m here to clear that all up for you. Remembering this is from my perspective and what I do when I coach people.


As a coach I listen, I empathize, I talk things over with you, and we create actionable steps to get you to where you want to be. We meet online, and honestly we just talk about whatever is on your heart. You bring to the session whatever you are working through in this present time, and I am there to listen. I LOVE going deep with my clients, so expect to dive way deeper than what you are used to. I love bringing up suppressed emotions, unsaid things and hardships (of course in a loving way), so that you can release and let go, and so that you can move into your higher self. I do this by asking meaningful and deep questions to get you thinking. I allow silence to happen so that you fill the space with whatever is on your mind.

It’s all about YOU. I just give you the space and resources to do that. I bring alot of my yoga philosophy into my coaching. It’s all love baby.


You may be wondering who are the types of people I work with. Maybe you think that your ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. To be honest, I just love working with people who are motivated for change and growth. With an interest in self discovery and are willing to open up and share. You don’t have to be a certain way, a certain age or gender. I take you for who you are. EVERYONE deserves a coach. I have a coach (she’s the bomb), and I love having sessions with her.


Cause you deserve it. Because we all deserve someone in our lives who will listen to us fully. I won’t interrupt, I won’t have an opinion, I’ll just talk you through your options. In society at the moment, it’s hard to be HEARD. Everyone has something to say and somewhere to be. But in our sessions it’s your turn to speak, and my turn to listen.


Interested in being heard? Creating change and growth in your life? Then get in contact with me. We will meet every fortnight for an hour, you get unlimited access to me whenever you need it to talk things over, I give you resources to work through, and a safe space. We will work together for 8 sessions, ranging over 4 months. Through trial and error, this timeframe for sessions has truly given the best results.

You can apply for coaching HERE. No strings attached… just filling out a form and I will be in contact with you and we can go from there!

You can read more about my program HERE.

Go with love,

Ceri xx

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