Setting Intentions, Manifestations & Affirmations

How to set manifestations:

Everything present in your life right now is there because of the choices you’ve made along the way. Whether that is good or bad choices, they are all here right now. May sound daunting, but I can assure you this is very exciting. It’s exciting because it means that everything that you want in your life, what you’ve been dreaming about, that can come into reality.

If you haven’t heard of karma , (Do you live under a rock?!), then it essentially means that: For every action, there is a consequence of that action. Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind.

You want to become more joyful? Then give more joy to others.

You want to become more abundant in money? Then give more money to others. Letting go of the hold that you have on it.

So, this is exciting because it means that whatever we want, we can have. Whatever we want to achieve, we can. We can do so by becoming conscious of our choices. For every action, there is a like consequence, remember?

So to set manifestations (something we want to come true in our lives), all we have to do, is make sure that we are being extremely clear to the ‘universe’ or whatever you would like to call it, that is what we want. This being through the things we say, making the conscious choice of giving money, joy, experiences, or whatever we desire to others so that it can come back to us in that same form.

Energy Out, Energy In

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Since this blog is based on how to set manifestations, I better include that you must also write these down. You must get really clear on your vision and write out something that means a lot to you, so you can always refer back to it when your feeling lost. I also write out what I want to manifest daily so the universe really knows this is what I want.

I make the decision to write down everyday what choices I am going to make today (like smile to everyone I see, or give a compliment to a random person), as I want more love to come into my life, so I give that to others.

You can read more about how to manifest in my blog post here!

Setting affirmations:

This also can be such a powerful tool. We are always so hard on ourselves as we believe that we are not good enough, smart enough, strong, caring, happy etc. Maybe you think that you are the only person who thinks these things, but I can assure you that almost everyone out there has something that they do not appreciate about themselves.

For me, it is always that I am not good enough. Not good enough to succeed in my business, not good enough for my boyfriend, not good enough at yoga, and the list goes on.

And do you know what happens then? I really start to believe it so much, that I compromise my relationship or I have a bad yoga class as I can’t stop worrying that this isn’t enough. People can tell when we have no faith in ourselves.

So then affirmations come in. These are a list of sentences that you write down and repeat to yourself over and over till you begin to believe it. So your essentially flipping what you say to yourself, from a negative to a positive.

For example: ‘I’m not a good enough yoga teacher’ change that thought to a positive, and tell yourself and write down ‘People benefit from my style of teaching, I teach with love and people appreciate it’

Or it can be as easy as writing ‘I am enough’, over and over again and saying it to yourself whenever you are feeling negative or down on yourself. I even write down on my mirror anything that I need to remind myself of each day, and this can be really great to see as a reminder.

We can be and do so much more when we believe in ourselves and our abilities. So start to write down some limiting beliefs you have about yourself and change your thought patterns!

Setting Intentions:

We can be so much more productive in our day when we write a to-do list or when we set intentions for that day. I for one, am a massive sucker for writing my whole day out so I am fully prepared. And so I can also pencil in some time for myself, workouts and yoga, which are all super important to me.

But when I also set intentions for that day, its not just the physical things I am going to do, its also the words I am going to say to people, how I would like my mindset and attitude to be through that specific day. And also one thing I would like to work on for myself that day, such as, ‘be more kind to myself and others’. I think setting intentions in this way can lead us to become more positive, loving and compassionate human beings, which this world needs as we all know!

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From all these three things, I would recommend writing them out every single day until the manifest In your life, you start to believe it, and you start to achieve those intentions. Set up a time in the morning that you will do this, and see your whole life transform.

Go with love, Ceri x

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