Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

I went to an inspirational talk the other day, given by a Buddhist monk with the subject being ‘How to deal with stress’. When I was listening to this, I just knew I had to share, as I know so many people who could defiantly benefit from this.

I’ve summed up all the important points that really spoke to me, and can hopefully benefit you too.

Cause vs Consequence

He was saying that many of us feel stress and think that it is because of our job, because of another person, because our school etc, but that is the consequence of stress, it isn’t the cause of it. The consequence is the outward appearance, but the cause of stress is underlying that. We must realise that the cause of our stress is that we are not truly content or In the present. We do not have a clear mind, we are not living in the here and now. If you are truly present there really isn’t any stress, as stress comes from thinking of the future. So to combat this, we must not change the consequence or the situation we are in, we must change the cause instead. And that is done by…


To mediate. We must give back to your body, and learn how to clear our mind of stress. Mediation brings us to the present moment, it brings us into our bodies and out of the stress of our minds. So connect with your breath, and tune out everything else. Because once we are able to do that (& I know thats hard, but start small! Even 3-5 minutes per day), we are able to find that sense of peace.

He also said something that deeply resonated with me, and that was “Stress causes an unhealthy mind, which in turn comes out in the body. The reason there is so much illnesses, disease, cancers etc is that stress fills you up with so much negative energy that it spills over into your physical body.” So this is where that ‘Healthy Mind = Healthy body’  idea came from.


Do More For Others

Have you ever noticed that in some jobs, people who are doing exactly the same thing, one of them can deal with that job but the other is stressed out of their mind? It is because they are doing their job for different reasons. People who only do things for themselves, who are selfish and don’t care about helping others; they are the people that are stressed. Have you ever seen anyone who is always willing to help out, or always giving, stressed? No, I bet you haven’t.

This obviously shows that we must give more, do more good for others, stop thinking about ourselves for once. All you have to do is think about all the people you are going to be impacting when you are working on this new job, new study, new business. All those things that lead you to stress… just think about all that goodness you’ll be spreading once you share it.

Doesn’t mean that we have to be lazy and do nothing, but just do things that are doing good for others. Just share more love!

Just remember that stress is going to come up in your body in all negative ways if you don’t learn to mediate more, share more love and do more good for others.

It’s all about Mind + Body Health,

Much love x

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