Pink Haze Smoothie

You are probably wondering if all I eat is smoothies… you are correct.

But this. THIS. This is the BEST smoothie I have made, seriously the best. And like everything else I make, it was a fluke, just chucking random things I love into a blender and hoping for the best!

Just because I’m so kind, ill let you in on my secret recipe because why keep this magnificent, delish, smoothie to myself?


What you need:


3/4 of a cup of granola

Chia and Flax seeds (1Tbsp of each)

1 tsp Coconut sugar

1tbsp of Tahini

1Tbsp of almond butter (or any nut butter)

1/4 jar full of coconut cream (half a cup)

6 Pitted Dates


The Smoothie-

Half a cup of soaked almonds

1 Frozen Banana

Lots of frozen blueberries

3 cubes of frozen of passionfruit

1tbsp of desiccated coconut (Can you tell I like coconut?)

Dash of coconut cream to get the thick texture

Blend the smoothie ingredients together


Then pile the smoothie on top of base and enjoy!




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