How To Manifest

Ever been thinking about someone or something, and then they/it, will show up in the that next minute or day? And it happens all the time right!? It leaves you thinking, ‘woah maybe it was my thoughts that bought them up’, or my favourite, ‘OMG maybe I can tell the future!’-literally me 24/7.

But the exciting thing is, is that you did actually manifest them to come into your life. How, you ask? Well its pretty simple really-there seems to be this thing called higher power or the universe or god or whatever you wanna call it, and they are pretty much there to give you what you want. Cause why else be on this earth? There has been sooo many stories about people manifesting there dreams into reality, me included, and since I’m the master of manifesting (I wish, im working on it), I’ve complied my top tips for getting what you want out of life.7c8c1b8f5da00325df64a3957483de60--dreaming-quotes-fairytale-quotes

Here are my top tips to getting that dream life:

Write it down: Get really specific as to what you want. The universe is gonna get real confused with you always changing you mind all da god damn time. So write the shiz down and read it every single morning and night.

Create a vision board: Cut out pictures of the clothes you want, the house, the car, the holiday destination, write down a list off all the things that you want in a friend/partner etc. And hang it up where you can see it.

Hang out in places: You wanna go to, or drive a car you want to be able to afford once that money has come in, its about getting excited about it, making the thought an actual thing, feeling the feelings that come with it, and once you do that, it changes from something you want to something you REALLY want. For example, it may sound creepy but I love to go to organic food shops and walk around and pick out all the foods that im going to get when all the money that Im manifesting comes rolling in.

Change your words and mindset: When you are always saying and talking about how ‘oh im so poor, I can’t afford this.’, and ‘im never going to have that’. Then yeah you will never have it, or you will always stay in the cycle of not having enough money, because your words aren’t matching your thoughts. There is a saying that goes-“energy flows where attention goes”, what this means is that whatever you are thinking or worrying about, and you spend lots of time thinking over it, then its not unlikely that this scenario will actually happen. So to change that you have to really change your whole mindset and what comes out of that mouth of yours, to only positives. I know It’s hard, but do you really want this?!


Surround yourself with people that uplift and support you: Rather then people who bring you down. I’m not saying to get rid of all your friends, but I can say that you will go a lot further when the people who are around you help to push you higher. Doesn’t everyone want a friend that is more in love with your process of manifesting and getting what you want than you are? And you in turn do the same for them? More great ideas flow and there is so much more positive energy with uplifting people (BTW anyone who thinks they are a good candidate, hit me up ASAP).

Take action: The most important, when you have all these things stated above down, then its time for some action. Quit that job, start training for that body you desire, ask that guy out, cause man oh man, if there is no stepping outta your comfort zone, then things just ain’t gonna happen for you. The universe needs to know that you are so ready for the ride they are about to take you on, so buckle up my friends cause its all up from here.* Look at what im doing right now, acting like I’m successful and I know how to run a business, but im just faking it till I make it ma friends. And heck yeah I am going to make it.

*Well actually thats not true.. when you actually set on the path of getting what you want out of life, like starting up that new business idea, there is going to be sooo many things that try and stop you, this could be the bank, your own subconsius mind, your friends telling you that you are bat-shit crazy.. but thats what separates the strong from the weak. I’m getting off topic so maybe that can be for another post. Stay tuned.


And what you manifest can be about ANYTHING, you have the power to change your whole life, just from thinking about it. It doesn’t have to be about money or being successful, it could be manifesting that dream holiday, or how you want to manifest this man hunk into your life so you ride of into the sunset together and make babies…Ya know, the typical. and how exciting is that? It gets me so pumped up you wouldn’t believe it.

The idea is that the universe or ‘higher power’ or whatever you wanna call it, will get so sick of you dreaming, talking, writing about it they may aswell let it happen. And even if you think this is all rubbish, thats cool, but if there is something that you aren’t so happy about it life, its always good to maybe follow these tips, to turn that negative Nancy attitude into someone who is ready and willing to take on the world.

Because I truly believe that life is too short to not be totally satisfied with your life, so go out there and take on the world GF.

Much love (& manifesting),

Ceri x


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