Hey sweet soul, so grateful to have you here.

I’m Ceri… A feminine embodiment and pleasure facilitator. I guide woman into reclaiming their sexual energy and tap into their pleasure potential.

My Workshops

These workshops are centered around Spiritual Sexuality, feminine embodiment and coming to terms with the shame we hold around who we are. Finding pleasure in life as it is

Holding space for women to be their authentic selves within day retreats is my greatest passion…

Embodied Dance

Every fortnight I host an Embodied Ecstatic Dance Class that makes my soul light up…My favourite way to let go of the mind and sink into the body

Do you want my free guide for Yoni Egg Practices?

The what, why and how of using a yoni egg!

Perfect for those who have never heard of these crystal eggs before, or for the women who have received their egg, but don’t know where to start. Included is a step by step ritual to do at home.

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