Something I have come to understand:

We all have greatness within us. We all have a fire and light that radiates through our whole being. That part of ourselves that know we are powerful beings that can accomplish anything we set our minds too. That we all derserve to live a happy, healthy, successful and loved filled life.

We all know this deep down. We know that to lead a fulfilled life we have to step into our light. We must reach for our goals, follow our passions and look after ourselves physically, mentally and energetically.

But sometimes we do not act on this part of ourselves. Why is this?!

The answer is through what I have witnessed in myself, and others.

It is because we get scared, we hold ourselves back. We all have limiting beliefs, stories and patterns which we believe to be true, but stop us from striving for what we want. We believe we aren’t enough, or we dont have enough time, information, resources, and motivation. Or that we will get judged by others when we finally do what we were put on this earth to do.

I know that this is hard. Changing our belief systems and actually creating the steps to get to where we want to go in life is scary. But its essential.

Everyone asks what the purpose of life is. The answer is easy: It is whatever sets your soul on fire. It’s the thing that scares you the most, but when accomplished, you find your light.

From observing this burnt out light in people, I wanted to help ignite it again (THIS is my purpose in life). Because of this, I created:

Soular Coaching Lifestyle coaching to help you to find that part of you that is 100% in your being, but was just lost for awhile. Helping you to achieve all your wellness and life goals, gain back motivation, energy and get clear on what you were meant to do in this crazy beautiful life.

Soular Flows– Online, group, private and retreat style soul-filled yoga classes. Creating a space for you to look after yourself and your well-being through this beautiful practice.

I look forward to working and sharing with you x

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